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I believe that intimacy and sexuality are a form of art, this is why i like to think that together, we’ll create a unique masterpiece. It has always been more intuitive for me to communicate with my body, so if i can seem shy a first place, I will communicate you all my ardour by my dances, my touch or my kinky look. I could also share you my most perverse thoughts by erotic correspondence.

But let’s be more politically correct, I’d also be happy to talk, and know more about your passions. On my side, i could talk during hours about neurosciences and literature, my two favorite subjects! 

Who am I?

I’m a globetrotter, always seeking for new knowledges and new connections. I’m 22, and after starting science studies, I realised that i’m at a point of my life where i prefer to write and enjoy the pleasures of life. I’m half french half lebanese. Curently living in Paris because i love its cultural oportunities, but often in the south of Europe because I miss sun!

I don’t have any filter, for me this activity is only the continuity of my everyday sexual freedom. I’m proud of who I am, I’m not playing a role, every meeting that I do is authentic.

I’m not going to make an eulogistic description of my amazing physique, even though it’s a funny exercice, I don’t like to take myself too seriously. Anyway, some important details: I’m 5’1” and 50kg. As you can see I have short hair but as it grows fast, it might be a bit longer than on pictures when we’ll meet. I also don’t shave my body hair. I don’t have any tatoo and only one piercing.

    Our meeting

    I’m opened to everybody, no matter your gender, your age (as long as you’re over 18 of course), your body type, your nationality or your disability.

    The first step for you is to read my conditions and fill the contact form. Please don’t ask me my services or taboos, I wouldn’t like to reduce our meeting to a list of abbreviations. I would prefer that you tell me more about your desires and fantasies (don’t hesitate, nothing can shock me!) then I will tell you if it’s possible for me. I don’t do free calls or endless virtual exchanges (if this is what you want it’s possible but it’s not free :) see Virtual content).

    After setting the time and the place of our meeting, i will ask you to send me the deposit via Paypal. Then let’s meet and enjoy the moment!




      I like quiet places with softened lights and a lot of plants.

      The cities I like/would like to visit: Nice, London, Amsterdam, Berlin, Rome, Bologna, Seville, Alicante, Vienna, Geneva…

      My favorite activities: going to an opera, having a picnic in the Jardin des Plantes, seeing a play, going to a medical conference, going to an open-mic event, having brunch, going to the (libertine) spa, hiking… and of course having sex :)


      Top: S

      Bottom: 36

      Shoes: 38

      Clothing: Stella McCartney, Sydney Pimbley, Andore, Marcia

      Underwear: Meïla Paris, Réelle Paris, Maison Louve, Olly,  La chatte de Françoise, Chantelle


      My guilty pleasures: spicy or tangy flavors, Italian apericena or Lebanese mezze formats, frozen desserts.

      Drinks: coffee (hot or iced), red fruit cocktails, champagne, white or rosé wine.

      Places: L'Arpège, Buddha Bar, Bonjour Madame (for queer people)

      Note: I'm vegetarian :)


      A Room of One’s Own - Virginia Woolf

      Le quatrème mur - Sorj Chalandon

      Anthology - Adonis

      Les chambres - Aragon

      Frappe-toi le coeur - Amélie Nothomb

      Une Vie - Maupassant

      L’amant - Marguerite Duras

      Perfume - Patrick Süskind

      The Picture of Dorian Gray - Oscar Wilde

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