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  • What are your taboos/limits?
    To put it simply: I refuse anything that is illegal, everything else can be possible depending on the feeling I have with you, my desires of the moment...
  • Do you offer extras?
    The prices indicated include everything I am able to do, I am not a customizable ice cream so no, I don’t ask for an extra for each practice :)
  • Can we call each other / can you send me additional photos?
    I believe that there are enough informations on my website to prove that I‘m real, so no I‘m not doing free calls or sending additional photos.
  • Can you travel outside of Europe?
    No. I never fly so I only travel to countries accessible by train from France.
  • How far in advance should I contact you?
    The sooner the better. But generally allow one to two weeks to get an appointment. I am rarely free at the last minute but you can give it a shot, you never know.
  • Do you do incalls?
    In Paris, never. In other cities it happens that I can receive at the hotel or in my Airbnb.
  • I don’t have much sexual experience, is that ok?
    Of course, I don't have any judgment on your experience, let's take the time it takes and everything will be fine :)
  • Which payment methods do you accept?
    Paypal for deposits and virtual content, cash for the rest to be paid in real.
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